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Located at 4612 Centurion Drive, Bismarck, ND 58504  701-391-5167

Rent Safe and Secure Storage Units


24/7 Monitored Storage Units

When you choose a storage space, make sure it's safe and secure. You'll be glad to know that Aspen Storage is under constant vigilance.

You have the option of renting our storage units on a monthly basis with low deposit. You can also rent storage units with sizes ranging from 12' x 20', 12' x 24', and 12' x 30'.
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Storage units

Commercial Storage Space

Commercial storage
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Call us today for clean steel storage units. These units are great for storing your household belongings and vehicle. Our storage facility is located 2 miles south of Bismarck.

Choose us to get 24-hour access to your storage unit. Our vigilant staff will be on the site Monday to Friday, safeguarding your storage unit.
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